Béatrice creator of the brand | Les Marées

Béatrice creator of the brand Les Marées in France

Béatrice creator of the brand Les Marées in France

Alice’s interview
Béatrice, you are the creator of the Les Marées brand. Where did you get the idea for the large format tidal calendar?

It was only when I realized that many people did not know the phenomenon of tides, or were unable to read the numerical tables distributed by the tourist offices that I said to myself that we had to find another medium .

I knew how to read these tables because the numbers didn’t scare me, and I also liked explaining them because, living on the coast, tide predictions are essential for a large number of activities. So I decided to put in place a more visual medium that would be easier to read for ocean lovers.

“A good diagram is worth more than a long speech” according to the well-known adage!

Hossegor beach

What did you notice when you worked in front of the Hossegor marine lake?

This lake lives to the rhythm of the tides, sometimes the water is very advanced towards the shore, it is high tide and sometimes there is almost no water, it is low tide.

It was at this moment that the tourists were most surprised and sorry to see that we no longer had water in our lake… Probably due to global warming ☺

The other recurring question was whether we were in the rising tide or falling tide phase and at what time the lake water would be at its lowest?

Finally, the highlight that impresses and interests is “when are the next high tides? »

Most people coming on vacation to the Atlantic know what the tides are as a natural phenomenon, since the ocean rises and falls at its own pace and with a greater or lesser amplitude… This rhythm impacts all our oceanic activities !

Knowing how to read tide predictions is therefore essential when you live on the coast?

Exactly ! These famous notebooks are quite airtight and we constantly misplace them because of their size… There is also consultation on the internet which is practical. But this did not suit me because I wanted to be able to see at a glance beyond the following 3 days while using an educational object. Get the tidal calendar for the current year for your tidal zone.
To do this, consult our coastline map.

Surfers, fishermen and sailors appreciate the wide-angle vision which allows them to plan and anticipate their next session several days in advance, for example.
Moms and dads are happy to be able to decipher the reading of the predictions with their children and explain the basic concepts to them.
And then even to walk on wet sand at low tide, you need to know what time it is possible ☺


Our tidal calendar in your home sweet home


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