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Tidal calendar
printed on wood
striped or plain

Tidal calendar
printed on wood
striped or plain


A tidal calendar that reads as a graph and pleases the eye. A tidal calendar with tendency and taste. Easy Reading and a must for sea lovers.
New for 2024, customize the title of your tidal calendar for free!
Create your seaside story.
The calendar is printed in color on a clear wood panel made from Poplar (8 mm depth).
This panel can be placed on furniture or hang on a wall. It is in itself a lovely décorative item.
The panel is light, resistant and easily transportable.
We print on demand. 0 stocks.

A tidal calendar graphic, intuitive and decorative
To create your exclusive poster follow the instructions. Use the instructions for help. PLEASE NOTE the title has a maximum of 50 characters. Check spelling, accents, title details as it is printed as you write it, the printing process is automated.
A doubt ? find your tide zone with our zone map or consult our zone guide for more details because each tide zone has its own calendar!
The data used is official and complete. The calendar contains a year of tides for a coastal area. The calendars are established in legal hours.
The tidal coefficients for the French coasts are highlighted by the proportionality of the curves as well as the high tides visible at a glance.
The details of the poster can be found on the reading instructions as well as in our article How to read the calendar.
Our tidal calendar is also a lunar calendar and just a calendar! 🙂

Color 2 striped backgrounds: 1 pastel and 1 bright or 7 plain color backgrounds
Dimension 60 x 80 cm
Material Poplar wood with visible veins and knots. All panels are different!
Hanging Central hole at the top of the panel. You can also place the panel on a piece of furniture, it is rigid.
Manufacturing Creation in Hossegor (France) printing at our printer labeled Imprim'vert, Iso 14001 and Print Ethic. french product.
Shipping In France: either Chronopost at home (24 to 48 hours) or Mondial Relay in relay point and "locker" (minimum 4 working days). Outside France: Chronopost at home (4 to 8 working days)

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