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Official and complete data

We are a partner of national hydrographic services:
In France the SHOM (Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy)
In England the UKHO (United Kingdom Hydrographic Office)
In Germany the BSH (Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie)
The reference port of a calendar is carried at the bottom of our posters as well as our license number. Always prefer official data and discover the proposed tidal zones!

French creation and manufacture

The calendars are created in our studio in Hossegor in the Landes on the Atlantic coast in the south-west of France. Our French printer is ISO 14001 certified, labeled Print’Ethic and committed to the United Nations Global Compact to respect the human rights and labor law.

Print on demand

We only print what we sell. O stock. You order then we print to allow customization and the creation of exclusive products but also to avoid having useless and perishable stock. We do not make promotions because we have no stocks to sell. The same goes for our resellers on their coast, they choose their title, their model and only offer this calendar. Go visit them, they are part of our adventure.

The 2024 collection is here!

Print media

Posters are printed on 210g FSC (Forest Support Council) matte paper. This international label guarantees that the wood used for paper complies with sustainable forest management procedures.

We print directly on poplar wood from sustainable and controlled European plantations. It grows in 15 years faster than conifers.Wood is a renewable, recyclable, reusable and biodegradable materialOur supplier uses wood from fast-growing plantations and sustainably managed forests that are PEFC and FSC certified to ensure responsible management. Wood is an eco-responsible material.

poplar wood panel
Close up of plywood sheets in woodworking shop

Calendars between 2016 and the current year

We sell the current year’s tide calendars but would be happy to step back in time by fulfilling your request from a previous year. We can offer you a “souvenir” calendar from our 2016 start-up year. Contact us!

Welcome to Les Marées, the brand where the sea meets style! Do you live near the ocean, planning a seaside vacation, or looking for a souvenir that evokes your home port? Discover our best-seller: the tidal calendar. More than just a tool, it is essential for all those who live by the rhythm of the tides. Designed in large format, with a contemporary design and elegant curves, it perfectly combines utility and aesthetics. With a global visualization of a year, anticipate and plan your coastal activities with clarity! Our calendar is also a decorative object that will brighten up and beautify your interior. Simple to read and understand, it also constitutes an excellent educational support for introducing young and old to the fascinating phenomenon of tides. Created and manufactured in France on demand, for lovers of decoration and the ocean. Embark with us to live to the rhythm of the tides because tides won't wait for you in 2024 (as usual). Calendar for the countries FRANCE - GERMANY - ENGLAND - PORTUGAL in each calendar product sheet.

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