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The press liked the calendar and said so!
“As practical as it is decorative”
“Companion of surfers, fishermen and other sea users”
“Ultra decorative and practical”
“A calendar which achieves the feat of being both a decorative object and a useful and rigorous object
for sea users”
“A pretty, very seaside “lifestyle” decorative object”
“The good idea!”
“Precious ally for ocean lovers”
“At the rhythm of water”
“Their graphics offer global visualization and simple reading which allows you to anticipate nautical activities”
“Convenient, right?”
“At the crossroads of art and technology, very designer”
“The Summer Buzz. We love this tide calendar, a precious ally for ocean lovers, its look
graphics and the possibility of choosing your colors”
“To display proudly in your living room”
“Ultra-aesthetic and easy-to-read poster”
“The aesthetic and contemporary ocean tide prediction calendar. It mixes business with pleasure. Values of the eponymous brand”
“Les Marées: a very designer calendar made in France
“A tool that is both useful and aesthetic, a calendar that we exhibit and that evokes good memories, that recalls a connection with the ocean”
“An alternative to small supports with tables full of numbers!
“Let’s simplify the tides”
“For lovers of decor and the ocean”
“For decoration addicts and sea lovers”

press article from brand Les Marées
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