How to customize the calendar? | Les Marées

Personalization instructions

Choose your calendar from the SHOP page.

Please note we offer 2 “styles” of calendar:
– The “style” with a striped or plain colored flat. They are presented together because they have common characteristics.
– the second style with a colorful POP wallpaper background or without a NATURAL and WHITE background. They are presented separately.

– Choose your product, either printed directly on wood or a paper poster and the style you like
– Click on the product thumbnail. Inside the product sheet follow the instructions…
– 1 / If you want a poster, choose the format.
– 2 / Choose your country.
– 3 / Choose your tidal zone from the list “I CHOOSE MY TIDAL ZONE” “JE CHOISIS MA ZONE DE MARÉE” according to the chosen country. For example SAINT-MALO • FROM MONT ST-MICHEL TO ST-QUAY-PORTRIEUX in France. This allows us to select the correct curves because each tidal zone has its own calendar.
– 4 / Choose the desired quantity by color and title. If you want the same calendar twice, select: 2. If you want 2 different calendars, finalize the order for the first one then start again for the second calendar which is different.
– 5 / Click on “Let’s go” to choose your calendar, its color and its title.
– You are now in our order editor which allows you to view your calendar online, choose the background color and the title. Select a title offered in our catalog if you find what you are looking for, otherwise personalize your title…

Personalize your title

You are on our online editor with a customizable calendar.
In the list below “Choice of title” “Choix du titre”pick from the titles that we offer or as a last choice click on “I PERSONALIZE MY TITLE” “JE PERSONNALISE MON TITRE “. A new field opens where you enter your tailor-made title.
Use 50 characters maximum (letters, numbers, spaces, hyphens, periods, etc.)
Proofread carefully before finalizing your order. We print what you enter. The process is automated. Remember to check the accents present in the title. Check the spelling of the title.
To make our “historical point “•”: Shift/option/. (on Apple) = DINARD • SAINT-MALO
As you can see, your title is written below: TIDAL CALENDAR 2024
Choose your background color from the backgrounds offered.
Your personalized and exclusive calendar is ready to order!
Once verified, validate your layout with “ADD TO BASKET” “AJOUTEZ AU PANIER” We have taken note of your personalization.
Once checked, validate your layout. You are redirected to the basket or to the site if you wish to continue your purchases. BE CAREFUL to check your title carefully, once validation has been completed you will no longer be able to see it again.

Insert a logo

Contact us, we will take note of your tidal zone, your title and calendar style. Payment will be made by invoice. Send us your logo in vector format if possible
A pdf or jpeg file may be sufficient depending on the case.
Your logo will be positioned at the top right of the title, symmetrically to the Les Marées logo. We will come back to you with the visual of the calendar + logo to have you validate the “Bon à Tirer”. We may need to modify the logo in terms of colors, or remove a “base line”. We will need your consent.
Aesthetics is our priority in order to best represent you.

Message in customer basket

In your customer basket, you will find an “Order Notes” field, use it to send us additional information.
Call us or send us an email if you need support, we are always happy to talk with you!
To know the tide data used, consult our tidal guide. and the map of the coast

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