Instructions for reading the tide calendar

Reading the calendar, a tide year at a glance!

A graphic design, beautiful and elegant curves to better visualize and understand.
Thanks to the reading instructions for the tide calendar, you will discover its simplicity!

An intuitive and didactic tool designed for all sea users.
This global visualization makes it possible to anticipate and plan all its maritime activities.
Prediction data is cleverly distributed, reading is simplified.
One curve per month or 12 curves for the year.
Curves proportional to tidal coefficients.
The neap and spring tide periods that can be identified for the entire year.
The high tides of the year highlighted with clearly visible yellow bars.

The impact of the moon on the tides is highlighted.
The causal relationship of the movement of the moon and the tidal periods is obvious.
Our tide calendar is also a lunar calendar.
The phases of the moon are present.

All the official and complete data for a tidal zone (dates, times, heights, coefficients, moon phases) are present.
Sources: SHOM, UKHO, BSH…

The list of tidal zones we draw.

Notice of the French coastal calendar

The instructions for reading the French tide calendar

Design and instructions for the German coast

Curves of another style in the North Sea.
Predictions provided by German Hydrographic Offices.
One curve per month, ie 12 curves for the year.
11 coastal tidal zones in catalogue.
Significant and regular tidal ranges.
Our tide calendar is also a lunar calendar. The phases of the moon are present in our design.

Notice of the North Sea calendar in Germany

The guide to reading the tide calendar in Germany

Basic knowledge of the tidal phenomenon

times, heights, tidal coefficients