Wood printing for a natural wall decoration

Poplar wood support for printing tide calendars

wood printing

Blue tide chart printed on wood

An indispensable tool and a decorative object!

A woodblock printed tide calendar.

The first tide calendar was made in woodblock printing . We wanted to exhibit it at home so that we could consult it regularly. We wanted it aesthetic and pleasant to look at.
What material to exhibit at home and in our workplace that makes us happy?
Wood was obvious because we love this material.
Poplar emerged after some research and printing tests.
The tide calendar is proudly displayed in an interior, on a place of passage and becomes an element of the decor.
The Tides calendar is a decorative object that makes sense.
The poplar panel has a central hole to hang it like a painting.
The 8 mm thick poplar panel can also be placed on a shelf or on the console of your entrance because it is rigid and self-sufficient.
Poplar is a light-coloured wood, light and with a Scandinavian decoration spirit.
All the panels are different, the grain of the wood is more or less visible, as well as the knots, It's wood!

Wood, an eco-responsible material.

Our poplar comes from sustainable and controlled European plantations. It grows in 15 years faster than conifers.
Wood is a renewable, recyclable, reusable and biodegradable material
Our supplier uses wood from fast-growing plantations and sustainably managed forests that are PEFC and FSC certified to ensure responsible management.
We only print what we sell. Oh stock.