A useful and decorative painting!

The idea of the tide calendar came to me at home in Hossegor, a town on the Landes coast .”

“I ran a family restaurant for a long time, the terrace of which overlooks the marine lake, which therefore lives to the rhythm of the tides.
My clients constantly asked me about the times of the tides, how they worked, the date of the next high tides… I noticed then that many people were unable to read the predictions on a numerical table.

As a teacher during my first professional life, I was convinced of the interest of developing a more intuitive and affordable tool for everyone! It is because of my meeting in 2010 with Didier my partner and companion in life, that this project began to walk in our heads!

Indeed Didier, a graphic designer by training, knows how to make complex number blocks attractive. It is his domain. The challenge was launched... At the end of 2015, we were ready to live to the rhythm of the tides.
The Tides brand is launched!

Time passes... and we are still sailing to the rhythm of the tides!

Béatrice Laborde, founder of Les Marées


After several months of research, trial and error and tests...
First calendar: the predictions of our Boucau-Bayonne tidal zone.


Shaping of 8 tidal zones.
Collaboration with tourism professionals. First collaboration with Rip Curl.


Deployment along the French coast.
Shaping of 18 tidal zones.
Selection of emblematic areas in Europe.


21 main tidal areas in catalog along the French coast, new prospects for conquests in Europe! Nice collaborations and beautiful encounters…

2020 … 2021 … 2022…2023

New tide zones and new titles have entered the catalogue. We fell in love with L'Aber Wrac'h and
Perros-Guirec in Brittany.
Likewise Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue and Arromanches-Les-Bains in Normandy are entering the race.
New puzzles to draw the curves of the tides in Polynesia or New Caledonia thanks to the meeting of professionals who daily use a tide calendar.
And always the same pleasure to learn about the differences between the tidal zones and to be in constant discovery.